Founded in 2004 by Helen Brinkman and Graham McPhail, with the later addition of artistic-co-director Miranda Hutton in 2010, NZ Barok has been at the forefront of defining the baroque performance landscape in Aotearoa New Zealand. At its core, NZ Barok assembles the finest baroque string specialists in New Zealand, offering audiences a distinctive encounter with 18th-century string music. Through the utilisation of period-appropriate instruments and expressive techniques of that era, the orchestra breathes new life into early music, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in the authentic essence of the music's original sounds. NZ Barok has forged collaborative bonds with leading figures in New Zealand and the international early music scene. Noteworthy partnerships include luminaries such as Sigiswald Kuijken, Ryo Terakado, Andreas Scholl, Erin Helyard, Rachael Beesley, Anneke Scott, Daniel Yeadon, and Lucinda Moon. Through these collaborations, NZ Barok has not only enriched its own artistic tapestry but has also contributed significantly to the global landscape of early music interpretation and performance.

NZ Barok are a revelation…the distinctive sound of their authentic instruments in perfect balance

"Together they drew NZ Barok orchestra’s musicians into an equally committed, passionate and cohesive sound of great quality, vitality and sensibility - a sound-fest ‘par excellence’!"

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