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NZ Barok’s concert series would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors. This financial support allows the orchestra to continue to enrich New Zealand’s musical landscape by bringing leading early music soloists to perform with the ensemble.

By donating to NZ Barok, you enable the ensemble to continue to operate and prepare to give concerts of the highest calibre. Your donations are very much appreciated. You are able to claim a tax rebate at the end of the financial year for donations $5 and over. 

NZ Barok is recognised as a Charitable Entity under the Charities Act 2005.
Registration number CC44289

Support, stability, and security for the long-term welfare of NZ Barok

If you would like to help NZ Barok in this way, donations (minimum $100) and bequests can be gifted through the Auckland Foundation. Please contact the Communications & Grants Manager 

To guide investment, Auckland Foundation has a Statement of Investment Policy and Objectives (SIPO) which is reviewed periodically, alongside the performance of our investment manager. As a registered charity, Auckland Foundation does not seek to profit from donors giving but do need to cover the administrative costs of providing our services. We have a long-term investment horizon consistent with endowment funds. Our funds are invested in a balanced portfolio so they achieve both a level of income generation to support long term grant making and provide the potential for capital growth to help mitigate the negative impact of inflation over time. Auckland Foundation Trustees and its Investment Advisory Committee Members are committed to exercising prudent and appropriate care in relation to the investments of Auckland Foundation and agree that all actions taken should be in the interests of achieving Auckland Foundation’s objectives and meeting our fiduciary obligations.

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