Music by Corelli, Bach, Telemann, and Haydn

NZ Barok’s response to Corona virus (COVID-19): The health and welfare of our audience, musicians and communities is of the utmost importance to NZ Barok. We are monitoring and managing any potential risks, and updating our procedures as needed.

NB: Corban “3” Trios will be shifted to Sunday 8th November at 2pm. iTICKET will be in touch directly. If you are unable to or prefer not to use your tickets for this concert, you will receive a full refund.

Corban “4” Quartets will be postponed to Sunday 9th August at 2pm, and Corban “2” Duos to Sunday 20th December at 2pm. However if circumstances change or directives are received this may change. We thank you all for your support.

Sunday 8th November 2.00pm, Old St. Michael’s Church, 2 Mt Lebanon Lane, Henderson, Auckland 

Old St Michael’s Church in the Corban Estate provides an intimate setting with a perfect acoustic for a one-hour concert of elegant, easy listening classical music. Join NZ Barok musicians as they perform and talk about the music and the 18th century instruments they play.

“Music, for a while, shall all your cares beguile”

While away an afternoon listening to intricate and beautiful music especially designed for small spaces. Join NZ Barok players Graham McPhail (violin), Miranda Hutton (violin), and Helen Brinkman (cello) with guest Sally Tibbles (flute) as they explore baroque and classical gems for three players.


Corban Estate Arts Centre Mount Lebanon Lane, Henderson, Auckland, New Zealand