Photo: Adrian Malloch


Photograph by Adrian Malloch

NZ Barok is New Zealand’s only baroque orchestra. Comprising leading baroque specialists from all over New Zealand, NZ Barok performs using instruments and playing styles of the period, breathing fresh life and vitality into baroque and classical masterpieces and lesser-known musical treasures from the 18th century. The orchestra’s name pays tribute to the continuing Dutch-New Zealand connection in the early music scene from the 1970s until the present day. NZ Barok was formed in 2004 by Helen Brinkman and Graham McPhail. Miranda Hutton joined as artistic-co-director in 2010.

Concert Venue

St Luke’s Church
130 Remuera Road

NZ Barok

PO Box 26001
Epsom Auckland 1344
Phone 09 849 7976
NZ Barok Administrator: Louise Evans

NZ Barok is recognised as a Charitable Entity under the Charities Act 2005. Registration number CC44289.